Everything you need to know about Thali!

Thali (in Hindi: थाली; in Gujarati: થાળી; in Tamil: தட்டு) is a complete meal from India that has a different composition in each region. It is in fact an assortment of several dishes (from starter to dessert) served in small metal containers.

It is the most popular way to eat in street restaurants.
In southern India, the tray is sometimes replaced by a banana leaf on which the dishes are placed directly. In North India, plastic disposable thalis are sometimes used. As the Indian tradition does not use cutlery, we eat with the right hand.

There are vegetarian or non-vegetarian Thalis. Chutney, Dal (lentils), vegetables, meat or fish (for non-vegetarian thalis) and dessert, made from milk and often quite sweet.
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