Café Gandhi has a new look!

It took nearly 10 years for Café Gandhi to become a mecca for Indian cuisine in the heart of the Pâquis. A lot has happened: Indian cuisine has established itself in Geneva. Customers have become more aware and wanted to deepen their knowledge both of this type of cuisine and Indian culture.

A changing environment
Several things have changed the entire offer of our restaurant and we are delighted about it.
For example, our customers have become more and more demanding about the quality and origin of our products.
There is a lot of Indian restaurants that still offer more or less the same menu with dishes made with the same industrial sauces. That fact has led us to completely rethink the way we cook.
The same goes for the decoration; we wanted to get away from the hushed and sometimes a little heavy atmosphere of the traditional Indian restaurant.

Our new Menu
Because we wanted to offer a different and at the same time authentically Indian culinary experience, we decided to focus our thinking on a playful and gourmet way to enjoy Indian cuisine. The Thali (discover the article) was therefore very quickly established. We are thus able to offer our customers 4 Thalis plates composed of 7 dishes from 19 CHF.
You also have the possibility to compose your own Thali proposal, with a choice of nearly a hundred possible combinations!

A new decoration
We wanted to recreate a warmer, simpler, less crowded restaurant than our old one. So we kept some traditional elements and then recreated more chic and modern atmospheres by cerusing our tables and second-hand chairs. We also worked on our lighting by choosing wicker chandeliers and hanging several exotic plants on the ceiling.

We have also added 2 bench areas decorated with magnificent cushions that reinforce the cozy aspect of this new orientation of Cafe Gandhi.

Regarding wall decoration, we have been looking for travel posters that we have customized. We also honored the Indi alphabet by creating 3 posters around Gandhi’s quotes.

The bar has also been completely renovated. The entire service is organized around a friendly and modern zinc. In terms of color, we opted for a turquoise blue shade, giving the place a quite appreciable energy.

Work in pictures